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BIO Thermal Blankets

TEMAX BIO - Bio based thermal packaging - manufacturing - recycling - re-use

1. NEW - Thermal blankets made from BIO-degradable plastics

We already had Bio-based thermal blankets (see point 2), now we have gone a step further and started with the development and manufacturing of thermal blankets and thermal covers made from BIO-degradable plastics. The first tests are running and are looking very promising, yet BIO-degradable plastics have their specific challenges which need further testing and experimenting. One of the challenges is the shelf-life of the finished product which we are forced to reduce to maximal six months due to the start of the natural BIO-degradation process. Other challenges are being solved as we speak and we are confident that the finish is now within reach. We will be able to offer our customers multiple green solutions, BIO-based and even BIO-degradable.

2. Bio-based thermal blankets - the first in the world !

Do you insulate your pallets with thermal blankets or thermal covers for temperature protection?

NOW you can save up to 25kgCO2 per insulated pallet with the Temax BIO-based thermal blankets

The company Krautz-TEMAX has invested heavily in the development, production and recycling of BIO based thermal blankets. These Thermal blankets are used for the temperature protection (hot-and-cold) of time-temperature sensitive products such as food products, pharmaceuticals or healthcare products and certain chemicals.

(+85%) BIO certified by TUV DINCERTCO
The Temax-BIO thermal air bubble foils are certified by TUV-DIN for +85% Bio-Based with certificate number 8C144. The BIO based thermal blankets are also registered and protected by patent applications.

Why use Temax-BIO thermal blankets? - STOP global warming !
The Temax-BIO thermal blankets or insulated air-bubble foils offer a big reduction in CO2 production compared with the standard oil based thermal foils. The BIO produced CO2 is plant-based and does not create extra CO2 values in the atmosphere meaning that the BIO-CO2 does not add to the global warming of the earth.

Available Bio based products
- Temax-4000-BIO thermal blankets and thermal covers (airfreight - sea freight - road transport)
- Temax-2000-BIO thermal blankets and thermal covers (airfreight - sea freight - road transport)
- Temax-BIO boxes and pallet covers - Euro and US and ULD-PMC airplane pallets

TEMAX-BIO = Manufacturing + Recycling + Re-use = Low ecological footprint

The company Krautz-TEMAX has invested heavily in dedicated machines and processes for the manufacturing and recycling of BIO-based thermal airbubble foils and thermal blankets. This give the advantage that next to a BIO based solution, a low impact on the ecological footprint of BIO compounds is offered seeing the BIO based products are recycled to be re-used for new thermal blankets.

MOVIE - Production + recycling + re-use of compounds

The movie shows the life-cycle of the BIO based thermal blankets (Temax-4000-BIO). It shows the basic BIO compounds, the production of the thermal blanket, the use, the easy dismantling for material separation (Temax-4000 = NOT laminated = easy for material separation), the recycling back to BIO compounds and the re-use for low ecological footprint.

TEMAX-4000 = EASY to recycle

The Temax-4000 is a NOT-laminated composition = Very easy to dismantle and recycle. Ask for our recycling processes.

3. Bio-based EPS Polystyrene boxes and pallet shippers

The company Krautz-Temax has invested heavily in the development and production of BIO based Thermal EPS boxes and pallet shippers. These EPS boxes and pallet shippers are used for the temperature protection (hot-and-cold) of time-temperature sensitive products such as food products, pharmaceuticals or healthcare products and certain chemicals.

The EPS Polystyrene boxes and pallets shippers are manufacured in the Temax production plants according to the Temax certified quality management systems.

BIO Degradable EPS Polystyrene
In the development of BIO-EPS the company Krautz-Temax has researched the possibility on producing BIO-degradable EPS Polystyrene. Bio degradable means that the EPS material will start to degrade automatically when it is exposed in open nature. The degration time will be determined by the open-nature conditions (temperature + moisture + bacterias) and can be speeded-up by a compost technique. The goal of the Temax BIO-degradable solutions is to offer a nature-friendly single use applications.

Temax EPS Manufacturing
The company Krautz-Temax has invested in special machines for the production of EPS and XPS panels and packaging systems. For more informatie see page EPS manufacturing.

4. Solar power energy at our manufacturing facility

In our different production plants we use green energy. To create this, we have invested in the placement of solar panels on the roof of our production plant so the sun is providing us the required energy to produce our products meaning that we do not use any electricity from the net. In fact, we have placed so many solar panels that we are producing more electrical energy than is needed for the actual production resulting in a transfer to the general electrical network.

In order to reduce CO2 production during the transport of the voluminous Temax insulation materials, Krautz-Temax has invested in six special maximal load transport trucks and trailers in which the standard transport volume of 85m³ (standard semi trailer in Europe) is increased to 120m³.

This means that each five transports, one transport is eliminated saving 20% on standard CO2 production and road traffic.

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