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Thermal cover “Q-Fold”

Q-FOLD thermal cover for roll container - temperature protection of fresh and frozen products

Usage of the thermal cover - insulated cover Q-Fold with 4 foldable sides

The Q-Fold thermo cover or insulated cover is used to maintain the temperature of the goods which are loaded on the roll container. The Q-Fold is produced with four foldable sides which fold together on top of the cover. For using the cover, simply unfold the sides and close the corners with the Velcro or zipper closure. Now the roller container is ready for transport. At the delivery the zippers or Velcro is opened again and the sides are folded op on top of the roof of the cover so a small package remains. This package is taken back to the logistic centre. The unique folding system makes the cover small in the return flow from the customer to the logistics center. Below on this page you can find some logistic flow and storage pictures.

  • Advantage = The cover has four folding sides which makes the cover easy to fold into a small package
  • Disadvantage = The cover has four closures = two possible open-convection-flows – thermal bridges or cold bridges
Integrated storage shelves for cooling system - gel packs - dry-ice - PCM's

The roof of the Q-Fold insulated cover has a special construction which is placed on the top of a roller container. At the bottom side of this construction there is a possibility to implement thermal energy generators such as gel packs, ice packs, dry-ice, PCM’s (Phase Change materials) to maintain the temperature of chilled or frozen goods in the roller container for a longer time.

Technical specifications of the Q-Fold thermal cover with folding sides

The Q-Fold thermal cover or insulated cover with folding sides is produced tailor made according to the wishes of the customer. The thermal covers can be produced – manufactured according to required dimensions, colors, models, required insulation quality etc. If you have special requests, just let us know

Temperature characteristics
Preservation and stabilization of the product temperature

To offer resistance against the most important element of the heat transfer being heat radiation, the Temax insulation material is foreseen with multiple reflection foils creating a reflecting capacity of 97%. On each special reflection foil the reflection takes place on both sides. To make sure that reflection can exist at all, it is very important that the reflection foils are not in direct contact with the temperature sensitive product or heat source seeing a direct touch will convert the heat radiation into conduction making the reflection useless. Therefore the Temax insulation material is foreseen with special transparent distance keepers, special thermo bubble foils, so an optimal reflection can exist creating a maximal thermal resistance.

External convection flows due to open thermal bridges – cold bridges

Next to the insulation quality of the thermal cover with middle closure, the stability or deviation speed of the temperature of the product is also depending on the presents of open thermal bridges or open cold bridges on the thermal cover and packaging set-up. Open thermal bridges are locations in the design or set-up of the thermal cover where an external convection flow (air flow) can exist which has a very big impact on the speed of temperature change. It is therefore very important that open thermal bridges are avoided at all times.

Adding extra thermal energy generators - Gel Packs – Dry Ice – PCM’s Phase Change Materials

When conditioned or time-temperature sensitive products are protected from external temperature influences with a passive cooling systems such as thermal covers with middle closure systems, the goal is to purely use the available thermal energy of the products to maintain and stabilize the temperature of the products as long as possible. As we know, the result of this stabilization is depending on the insulation quality of the thermal cover combined with possible convection flows and the thermal energy of the products combined with the temperature difference (inside-outside). If the temperature cannot be maintained according to the preferred time-frame, the time can be extended by increasing the available thermal energy. This extra energy can be generated by all kind of passive cooling systems such as gel packs – ice packs – dry ice – PCM’s Phase Change Materials.

Insulating the bottom of the pallet

Most roller containers have bottoms which are not completely closed so a convection flow (air flow) can appear meaning that the air can flow through these openings. Therefore it is very important to seal or insulate the bottom of the container before loading the chilled or frozen products. An insulated bottom will increase the temperature results significant. To insulate the bottom a on-way use insulation or cardboard can be used.

Insulating the bottom of the pallet

When roll containers are filled with conditioned products, it can happen that the roll container is not completely filled. Yet the roll containers have sidebars which stand higher than the filled goods. This means that lots or air can go into the roll container when the thermal cover is placed over the side-bars. Therefore it is very important that this air is kept to a minimum or an insulated blanket is being placed on top of the goods to protect it from the air above. Also it is important to bring-on the cover in the cold storage room so the air above the goods is the same as the temperature of the goods. Hot air combined with chilled products will have a negative temperature result.
Thermal equilibrium: Always remember that two different temperatures combined in a single thermal packaging system will create a natural thermal equilibrium in which a mutual temperature is created. The final temperature is depending on the thermal energy of each individual product or substance.

Insulation qualities

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